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                           Equestria Girls: Beyond Life and Death
                              Chapter 02: a Friendship Forged

                        *****[Equestria City, Five Years Ago]*****


a teenage girl with ameythst eyes groaned
as she reached for her blaring alarm clock

"ohhh!!..stupid clock.
 and, right in the middle of a Perfect Dream, too!!"

Twilight looked at the clock..and, widened her eyes.

"TWELVE!!?" exclaimed Twilight

"Egads!, I'M LATE!!!"

Twilight leapt out of bed
and, sprinted into her bedroom bathroom at fast as humanly possible.

while this was going on, a Purple-and-Green dog
with a ruby jewel on his collar emerged from his "doghouse."

"(Loud Yawn) tw-Twilight??"

"NO TIME TO TALK, SPIKE!!" exclaimed Twilight from inside the bathroom

"I overslept..NOW, I'm late for school!!!"

Spike heard rapid brushing, gargling, a brief shower spray and a flushing toilet.

then, in just a few minutes or so..
Twlight came rushing out of the bathroom (as naked as the day she was born)

Twilight moved in a lavender blur
and, quickly put on some fresh clothes in about 3.1 Seconds.

"wow..that's a new record." said Spike

Twilight gave Spike a quick kiss on his nose.

"bye, boy.
 see you after school!!"

with that, Twilight sprinted out of her room like the wind.

"HEY, TWI!! exclaimed Spike



Twilight: "you see, dear.
           I was Sixteen years old around this time (going on Seventeen)

           my High School Graduation wasn't that far off.
           and, i had high hopes for an "alchemy degree" in college."

Alex Jr: "(confused) Huh??"

Twilight: "(nervously) it's, SCHOOL.
 's so far away that you live there."

Alex Jr: "(pause)..and, you were looking forward to THAT!??"

Twilight: "It may not make sense to you NOW, Alex.
           but, when you are That age: Getting into a good college means EVERYTHING."

Alex Jr: "i'm not sure i WANT to grow up.."


[Downtown Equestria]

Twilight sprinted down a sidewalk, passing by (and, nearly knocking over) various people.

"HEY!!" exclaimed a man

"WATCH IT!!!" shouted a woman

Twilight was in such a rush, that she FORGOT to look either way of the street.
and, narrowing missed getting hit by passing cars as she crossed the road.

"HEY, WATCH WHERE YA' GOING YOU CRAZY-(horn blares loudly)!!!"

Twilight at last reached the Canterlot High School building.

she took a moment to catch her breath.
then, made a 'Mad Dash' for the school, and ran inside.

[Canterlot High School]

Twilight tip-toed rather quickly.
trying to get to class, and AVOID any hall monitors in the process.

Twilight eventually found her class.
she rushed over, and looked inside.

everyone else were already seated.
and, the teacher was writing something on a chalkboard.

wincing, Twilight carefully opened the door.
she then ran on all fours, sprinting for her empty seat next to Applejack and Pinkie Pie.

just as she got seated..a voice rang out.


Twilight grimaced as the teacher looked right at her.

"Y-Y-Yes, Mister Renzetti??"

Renzetti eyed the girl.

"You're late..AGAIN.
 and, you know what THAT means, don't you??"

Twilight gulped hard.


"AFTER an appointment with Vice-Princible Luna."

Twilight gulped harder at this (as did everyone else)
as everybody knew that Luna wasn't known for her "Mercy" and "Kindness"

unlike her sister, Princible Celestia.

"Now..if we may get star-"

Just then, the door opened.
and, in walked a teenage boy that NOBODY knew.


Twilight: "and, THAT my darling..was a day I will never forget.
           THAT was the moment I saw your father for the first time."


"I'm sorry..I don't recall ever seeing YOU, before." said Renzetti

the boy stood still, a shy look on his face.
he then handed a note to the man (with a shakey hand)

"i-i-I'm NEW, just moved here.
 Princible Celestia told me to give you this."

Renzetti took the note and read it.

"(mumbling silently)..AH!, a new student." began Renzetti

"Hmmm.."Alexander Cosmos."
 what a well written name."

Twilight stared at "Alex" intently.

she couldn't quite put her finger on it.
but, there was SOMETHING about the boy that she..Liked.

"My-MY.." began Renzetti

"that is a Nasty bruse on your face."

Twilight indeed noted a darkened area on Alex's cheek.

"How ever did THAT happen??" asked Renzetti

Alex touched his cheek.
and, for a moment..froze up (almost as if "in terror")

"i-i-i..I hurt myself!!" said Alex, quickly

"I was..i-in a Rush getting here.
 I t-tripped, and i..FELL."

Fluttershy stared at Alex..noting the Fear in his eyes.

"Well..that'll teach you to run in the halls." said Renzetti

"and, in the future
 I expect you to arrive at school ON TIME."

"y-yes, sir." said Alex, nervously

"now, TAKE A SEAT."

Alex nodded.
then, made his way to down the class room.

he passed by Twilight..who stared at him.
(noting another bruse at the back of his neck)

Alex made his way to the back of the room.
he took a seat next to Rainbow Dash, and exhaled sharply.

the rainbow haired girl eyed him.

(("mister renzetti can be pretty strict, so watch yourself.")) whispered Rainbow Dash to Alex

Alex smiled weakly.

(("thanks..i WILL."))

Twilight continued to look at him.
then, finally returned to her desk..then froze.

"cr*p!, I FORGOT MY BOOKS!!"



Alex Jr. stared at the many pictures in the album
as he listened intently at his mother's story.

"Mom..what did you mean when you said it wasn't "Love at First Sight", at first??"

Twilight exhaled sharply.

"well, son.. you see.."

Twilight sighed, trying to think of a simple way to explain this.

"I loved your father..but, he wasn't my "first love" began Twilight

"There was a time long ago that I liked your step-father, Flash Sentry.
 and, I thought that HE was the only man that I could ever love."

Alex Jr. looked up at his mom.

"and..he wasn't??"

Twilight looked down at his son.

"Don't get me wrong: I 'DO' care about Flash.
 but, back then..I realised that I only loved Flash like I love my brother.."

Twilight looked at her son again..with soft, caring eyes.

"and..when your father died, Flash cared enough for ME to become my husband
 and, help me raise you..and, to ensure that you'd have "a" father around."

Twilight exhaled sharply, staring into space.

"i love Flash..but, there was only one man that I was even IN LOVE with.
 and, No One (not even Flash) could ever replace Alex in my heart."

Alex Jr. stared at his mother.

"i..don't understand that at all, momma."

Twilight smiled weakly as she ruffled Alex Jr's hair a bit.

"you WILL..someday."

"NOW..back to the story."


Twilight: "Now, as I was saying..I had just come to terms with Me and Flash just being friends.
           and, I wasn't quite ready to 'get to know' any new boys..Romantically, anyway.

           but, Something about Alex drew me in..made me Interested.

           I don't know if it was his Shy, Timid nature.
           or, that Sweet and Innocent look on his a Puppy Dog.

           I just wanted to get to know him, better..
           and, Thankfully for me: I wasn't the only one."


[Canterlot High Schoolyard, Recess]

Twilight exited the school building, and into the schoolyard.
where a variety of teenagers were gathered, socializing with one another.

"Howdy, TWI!!" called a southern sounding voice

Twilight looked..and, smiled as she saw a group of girls approach.

one was blonde, and dressed in western clothing.

another was dressed in sports clothes, and had multi-colored "rainbow" hair.

another had purple, wavey hair and dressed in expensive looking clothing

one had pink, cotten candy-like hair and had a cheery smile on her face.

and, the last had long light pink hair that covered drooped over her eye a bit.

"Applejack!!, HI!!!"

Twilight "hugged" her five friends.

"So, what'cha been up to, Twilight?!" asked Applejack

Twilight shrugged.

"oh, Same Old..been studying like crazy.
 planning ahead for college, and an exciting career in-"

"BOR-RIIIIIIING!!!" chirped Pinkie Pie, in a sing-song voice

"Yeah, you need to Loosen Up
 and, have some FUN for a change!!" added Rainbow Dash

Twilight looked at the tomboy.

"I..Am having fun: Reading IS fun."

"No, darling.." began Rarity

"That is Homework.
 and, any type of Work is the complete opposite of Fun."

Applejack eyed Rarity.

"while that is up fer' debate..
 I do hafta' say this: Even the Horses need to do somethin' OTHER than plowin' the fields ev'ry mornin."

Twilight eyed Applejack.

"yeah..Well, I-"

Rainbow Dash grabbed Twilight's shoulders

"-Need to take a break from all the books
 and, have a little fun like a NORMAL Girl!!"

"Oh, and I know JUST. THE. THING!!" exclaimed Rarity, her eyes bright

"The Equestria Square Mall just got a new shipment of dresses in the Fashion Section STRAIGHT FROM MILAN!!
 Why, we could ALL go and try out each and EVERY one until they throw us out at closing time."

Rainbow Dash and Applejack both stared at Rarity, scowls on their faces.

"gee..that sounds fun." began Rainbow Dash

"(muttering) about as much fun as sticking a red hot poker up my-"

"Why don't we all come over to mah' farm out of town." Spoke up Applejack

"we can ride mah' granny's horses all 'cross the countryside."

"No offense..but, I think i'll pass." said Pinkie

"LAST TIME, that Big Black Horse bucked me clear off
 and, stuck my pretty head in that old Tree Trunk

 (shivers) i was stuck in there with the Spiders and Rats for HOURS!!"

"ol' Tornada was just in one of his moods: I promise he'll be gentler this time."

"I'd rather go to this new club downtown.
 (excited) It's got MUSIC!!, SUGARY FOODS & Drink..and, the CUUUUUUUTEST BOYS!!!"

As usual, Fluttershy was silent.

"Hey, SHY!!" began Applejack

"What'cha think we oughta do??!"

Fluttershy was staring off.

"I think we should go over and introduce ourselves.." said Fluttershy, in her usual meek voice

all five girls eyed the girl, confused.


The girls then looked, and saw what Fluttershy was looking at..

a lone boy with ginger red hair and sky blue eyes.

"The New Kid??!" said Pinkie Pie

Fluttershy nodded.

"yes..he looks quite lonely.
 I think we should be polite, and make him feel welcome here."

Rarity made an expression.

"I'm not sure that's any of our business or not.
 MAYBE we should just leave him be."

Twilight stared at Alex..who was sitting alone under a shade tree.
she finally broke away, blushing bright red in embarassment.

"Naw..Fluttershy may be right.
 We SHOULD be right neighborly, an' make him feel welcome."

Rainbow Dash looked at Alex with narrowed eyes.

"he DOES look kinda sad looking."

"SAD!!?" exclaimed Pinkie Pie

"OHMYGOSH, You're Right!!
 that Poor Boy needs that frown turned UPSIDE DOWN!!!"

with that, Pinkie sprinted away in a pink blur.

"PINKIE!!" called Twilight, her cheeks red

Alex sat alone under the tree.
hugging his legs as he looked down sadly.

he then exhaled sharply.

"why.." said Alex, silently


Alex looked, and was suddenly Face-to-Face
with a cotten candy haired girl with an impossably wide smile.

needless to say..he was immediatly jolted from his depression.


Alex flinched, falling off.

he then looked up at Pinkie Pie, who herself was staring down at him.
her hands at her back, and bent in a way that her rear was in the air.

"What'cha Doooo-in??!" asked Pinkie Pie, in a high voice

Alex stared at the strange (and, somewhat crazy looking) girl.


"WOW..Look at your face!!" began Pinkie

"So LONG, and so a Little, Lost, Orphan Puppy."

Pinkie then grabbed Alex, and pulled him up onto his feet.

"Well, NOT. TO. WORRY!!
 "Pinkamena Diane Pie" can put a smile on ANYONE'S face!!"

Alex stared at her.


Pinkie releases Alex..then, offers her hand.

"Hi..My name's Pinkie Pie."

Alex continued to stare at her..then, finally took her hand.

"uhh..A-Alex, Alex Cosmos."

Pinkie grips his hand, and pulls him closer.

 Do you have a sister named WANDA!!?"


"Aww, TOO BAD..(loudly) That would've been AWESOME!!"

at last, the other girls joined Pinkie and Alex.

"PINKIE!!" snapped Rarity

Alex stared at the girls..then, looked at Rainbow Dash.

"Friend of yours??" said Alex, finally

Rainbow Dash exhaled, feeling embarrassed.

"SOMEtimes.." replied Rainbow Dash, grumbling

Fluttershy then approached Alex, and did a brief "curtsey"

"hello." began Fluttershy

"Welcome to Canterlot High, mister.."

"His name is COSMO!!" exclaimed Pinkie Pie

"Alex Cosmos." said Alex

Pinkie smiled brightly.

"Yeah, like I said: His name is COSMO!!"

Alex groaned as he rubbed his twitching temples.

"Don't mind her.." began Applejack

"Pinkie Pie is just being "Pinkie Pie", You'll get used to 'er."

Applejack then faced Alex.

"Anyway..Howdy, i'm Applejack: Applejack Smith."

Alex waved nervously.

"n-nice to meet-"

"And, these here are Mah friends.." continued Applejack

"Rarity Glory, Fluttershy Posey, Twilight Sparkle.."

Alex and Twilight stared at one another for awhile.
bother there eyes wide, and blank looks on their faces

((~"and I'd give up forever to touch you..
   'cause I know that you feel me somehow.

    you're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be.
    and, I don't want to go home right now.

    and, all I can taste is this moment.
    and, all I can breathe is your life.

    when sooner or later it's over.
    I just don't wanna miss you tonight.

    and, I don't want the world to see me
   'cause I don't think that they'd understand

    when everything's made to be broken.
    I just want you to know who I am."~))


Twilight: "I lost track at how long I stared into those Big Blue Eyes of his..
           and, by the way he was looking at me..I imagine he was feeling the same."

Alex Jr: "I thought you said you didn't love him, yet."

Twilight: "I said: I wasn't "planning" on dating anyone..
           (deep sigh) but, whenever you fall in love..none of that matters.

           In my mind, he was just a boy that needed a friend.
           but, in my heart: HE..was The One."


Twilight and Alex at last broke away, both blushing wildly.

"' it seems you've already met Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie." finished Applejack

"um..Y-Yeah." stuttered Alex, still nervous

"N-N-Nice to meet all of you."

Rainbow Dash then faced him.

 where are you from, exactly??"

Alex averted his gaze, twidling his fingers a bit.

"well..I-I used to live in the Big City.
 b-but, my family recently moved here in town."

"Oh, so yer' a City Boy." began Applejack

Applejack then put her arm around Alex.

"Well, Not ta' worry.
 I'll help you grow more accustomed to livin' in a small town in no time.

 WHY, you could come over to mah' Grandma's Farm in Apple Acres.
 it's right smack dab in the Everfree Forest, You'd have a GREAT time!!"

Alex smiled weakly.

"th-thank, Ms. Applejack.
 but, i'm not sure if I can..My dad gets real mad if I'm away from home for too long."

"Aw, don't you worry your pretty lil' head.
 We'll git you home in time fer' supper."

Alex eased his way out of Applejack's grasp.

"Y-yeah, i..I appreciate the thought.
 but, i'd rather not take the chance: My dad is NOT someone you want to see angry."

Rainbow Dash eyed Alex.

"Hm, sounds like your old man is a real Hard Case."

Alex gulped hard.

"y-yeah..s-something like that."

Rainbow Dash shrugged.

"Well..just tell him your hanging out with some new friends.
 Teenagers ARE allowed to have friends, and have fun with them."

Alex stared blankly.


"YEAH!!" chirped Pinkie Pie

"FRIENDS!!, you know: People you have fun with!!"


Twilight stared at Alex.

"w-what's wrong, Alex??
 you act as if you've never heard of "Friends" or "Fun."

Alex looked at the dark haired girl..then, exhaled sharply.

"i..i haven't."

the girls faces turned pale.

"'ve never had ANY friends before??" asked Rarity

Alex look away..and, shook his head.


Pinkie Pie then got in Alex's face.

"You've never had FUN!!?" exclaimed Pinkie, her face inches from his

"well..i-i've cleaned my house every Saturday: Does that count??"

Pinkie made an unreadable expression.

"(shouting) GOOD GRAVY, YOUR WORSE THAN TWILIGHT!!!" exclaimed Pinkie

"HEY!!" exclaimed Twilight, annoyed

Pinkie Grabbed Alex by his hand.

"Come on, You need a serious 'crash course' in the Art of FUN and HAPPINESS!!
 and, "Professor Pinkie" is just the one to teach you my way of Having a Good Time!!"

Rarity and Applejack looked at one another.

"professor pinkie?!" mouthed the two

"i..s-suppose that" said Alex, unsure

 and, we Start Right Now, IMMEDIATLY!!


"Like I said: We start AFTER School!!"

Previous Chapter:…

Next Chapter:…

Technically, THIS is where the story really begins..

I feel i must start by reminding everyone that this story is an AU.
so, no pointing out continuity errors regarding the canon of the movie this is based on.

in this story..(evil voice) I CONTROL EVERYTHING, HA!! HA!! HA!!!

(normal voice) Now, on with my notes..

Readers may not that I pointed out an amulet that Spike is wearing.

keeping in line with the fact that Animals can't talk, AND Spike being a dog.
said amulet is Magice, and enabled Spike to communicate with Twilight and everyone else.

Otherwise, he's just a regular dog.

The name of one of the Teachers is a reference to "Rob Renzeti"
one of many cartoonists who worked on 'Friendship Is Magic'
(Renzetti is best known as the creator of Nickelodeon's 'My Life as a Teenage Robot')

keep an eye out for OTHER references that I may make.
I usually can't help putting in easter eggs for others to find.

As this is a TwilightxOC story.
I felt I should go ahead, and explain why Twilight and Flash Sentry aren't a couple, here
(and, also make clear that i DO NOT hate Flash, and that he still serves a purpose in my storyline)

Sometimes, romantic releationships don't end in tears.
Sometimes, couples split up on friendly terms and remain close in other ways.

for me, Twilight and Flash remain friends
(and, REALLY..those who have read Chapter One already know she's married to him, anyhow
so, there is really no need to fuss over Twilight being romantic with somebody else)

I also hope my official introduction of Alex was successful.

that he is every bit as Shy and Timid as Fluttershy is.
and, that he is hiding some unknown pain from everyone else
(those who have read my Oneshot Preview "a Life Cut Short"…
must ALREADY know what that pain is..but, please don't spoil it for anyone)

Hopefully, I left vague enough hints to keep everyone satisfied.

I also tried adding some humor in this chapter.

for one, I think it's hilairious that Applejack engages in horse riding
(and, that Pinkie Pie had a bad experience with a "wild stalion")
given that in the original series, they are ALL types of Horses.

heck, for all we know, a FEW of Applejack's horses may resembles their Pony Counterparts.

I also took advantage of Pinkie Pie's "Fourth Wall Breaking" humor.
by making an obscure reference to another cartoon when learning Alex's name
(if any of you can spot this reference, then kudos to you.)

the scene where Applejack introduces Alex to "The Gang" took some time.
as I (for whatever reason) wanted them to have sensible First and Last names.

Luckily, Pinkie Pie's full name was revealed in an episode of FIM
so, she was a pretty easy one..

Applejack's grandmother is called "Granny Smith"
so, i'm guessing her surname is Smith as well (close enough, anyway)

Fluttershy's surname "Posey"
is a reference to her original WIP Name during the production of FIM.

Likewise, Rarity's surname "Glory"
is a reference to a G1 Character that many say she is based on/similair to.

Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash didn't need any surnames.
as I figured "Sparkle" and "Dash" were good enough.

I also hope that I stayed true to the "Friendship" theme of teh franchise as a whole.
with the Main Six wanting to be friends with a complete stranger who doesn't have/never had ANY.

It may seem corny.
but, when you get down to brass tacks: it makes sense.

oh, yeah..
and, I also include a piece of the song "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls

as it seems like an appropiate song/music when meeting your love for the first time.


My Little Pony copyright Bonnie Zacherle/Lauren Faust/Hasbro

Danny Phantom copyright Butch Hartman/Nickelodeon

"Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls
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JFPierre Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Student General Artist
love this story and like the idea of the narration 
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I life where he has never heard of friends, now that's just sad, but knowing those six his "Crash Course" is gonna be the best of his life.
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I haven't confirmed anything just yet.
but, the idea is that Alex is abused by his father, made to work in the house like a Male Cinderella.

and, during his past sixteen years of life
he's never had the luxury of making friends or, having in type of Fun of ANY sort.

For Alex, his daily life is: Clean the House and Get Through the Beatings.


In this case, I have Pinkie Pie (and, the others) take Alex out of his miserable rut
and, make him experience Joy and Friendship (whether he wants it or NOT.)

which is really all part of Pinkie's character: To made Miserable people Happy.
it's really the only goal she's made for herself, and the ONLY thing she's serious about.

AlexCDavi1 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
I think I'm gonna like this.
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Sorry for answering late (been preoccupied with other things)

Anyway, thanks.
I hoped this turned out okay.

Anything you feels needs to be addressed??
Good Points, Bad Points, Anything to help with the story's progress.
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I think it's pretty good so far actually. I can't really think of anything to add yet.
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Yeah, I suppose this chapter was just an "Intro Dump" if anything else.

pretty standard..

course, Chapter Three details "Alex's Day Out with The Girls"
so, that one will be more detailed, and require some creativity
in terms of what the six would actually do that's fun with Alex.

One thing that I might do is make a reference to Hasbro
by having Pinkie Pie drag Alex to a BotCon Convention (a 'Transformers' Fandom Get-Together)

I think it'd be funny if Pinkie Pie were a Transformers Fan.
i mean, it somehow makes sense for someone liek Pinkie dressing up in an Optimus Prime costume of of cardboard.

i might even do an in-joke with Twilight Sparkle's voice actress, Tara Strong.
as she's portrayed characters in BOTH franchises.

DEVIOUS-DISCORD-RP Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013

True and it should be fun to write huh? :)

Sounds fun.

True heck when you think about it Megatron's a Pinkie Pie fan & likes the theme song a lot. So You could probably reference that as well.

Well that'll be amusing. :)
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Well, I think Pinkie Pie already made a TF reference in the show.

It is said that she once curled into a ball.
and, imitated the "Transformation Sound Effect" as she stood back up.

I also remember seeing an IDW Comic Cover.
showing Pinkie in a Transformers Costume, standing in Optimus Prime's hand (who looked real perplexed at her)

DEVIOUS-DISCORD-RP Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
I see. Sounds pretty cool.

I just thought of something funny you could probably add to the transformers convention part. Ok since this is a botcon they're going to, and Megatron's a fan of MLP & Pinkie pie, why not have the actual TFP:BH Megatron show up at the convention wearing all kinds of merchandise being followed by pony Pinkie Pie as they enjoy the convention. It should be amusing, awkward and funny. Especially if Megatron's reformed. I think someone mentioned he reformed in the TFP: BH movie as ironic as it sounds.

Plus no one ever said the TFP:BH universe wasn't connected to the EQG & DP universes. So it might add some more options for the story later if you're up for ideas.
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

You do make an interesting point in terms of the probability
of 'Transformers' existing in this alternate EQG Universe.

afterall..the DP elements exist because of the Ghost Zone being in another dimension.
and, the Autobots and Decepticons ARE originally from another planet in a far off galaxy.

so, the odds of Optimus Prime and Megatron being on the same Earth as EQG is pretty good.

Course, if I do make a decision like that.
i'll be original, and keep with the "Robots In Disguise" thing.

maybe even make an excuse that "BotCon" and the Fictional Transformers Media
is based on eyewitness accounts of supposes Cars, Trucks, Planes and Animals that transform into Robots
(as usual, the goverment denies their existance and make up excuses for their "battles")


I do hate to spoil anything..But, I believe it's been long enough.

in the final episode of Beast Hunters.
Megatron met his end when Bumblebee (having regained his voice) impaled with with the Star Saber.

currently, the only Cons left to cause trouble are Starscream, Shockwave and Predaking
(and, they MIGHT resturn, as Habro still needs to released the Beast Hunters movie 'Predacons Rising')


And, little TF/MLP Crossover that I like is this one:…

these two have So Much in common..

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trilljacker6534 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
you really did get all the girls right
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Pays to do "research" ahead of time.
which involves reading alot of Wiki articles, and actually watching episodes of the show itself

(thank heaven we have YouTube.)


Out of all the girls, I have Two that I enjoy writing the most.

First off, is Applejack.
as one reason she's my favorite character is that western accent of hers
(reminds me of 'Rogue' from X-Men in that sense)

In an effort to make this authentic.
I avoided writing the "correct" pronunciation of words for AJ's dialogue
and, instead pronounced them according to western dialect.

using words like "Mah", "Yer" and "Ev'ry"

That way, when Applejack speak..Reader KNOW, without need any confirmation.

But, my absolute favorite is Pinkie Pie.
as due to being a character created exclusively for Wacky and Zany humor.

I could pull a "deadpool"
and, have Pinkie make Gags and Reference unrelated to the MLP Franchise and/or Canon.

For example, IDW Publishing have made some joke covers of Pinkie
where she is dressed in a cardboard Optimus Prime costume..while in OPTIMUS PRIME hand.

With Pinkie: ANYthing goes.
so, i'm free to have Pinkie make reference to Marvel, Disney and Sega properties
and, have it make prefect sense, because it DOES make sense for Pinkie.


The other character are pretty easy, too.

Rainbow Dash is "Buttercup", Rarity is an English Female "Scrooge McDuck"
Fluttershy is Timid and Compassionate, and Twilight Sparkle is Intelligent and Angsty.


Overall: Pretty easy characters to write.

Hordaks-Pupil Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Whether human or pony Pinkie Pie will always be Pinkie Pie. This is a beautiful story and I am enjoying it very much. That Fairly Odd Parents joke made me smile and I wonder if we are getting a cameo by DJ-PON3 in the future :D
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Vinyl Scratch??, maybe.
but, ONLY if I can put Octavia Melody in along with her.

both character was well known for their love of music.
but, obviously of differing musical tastes (Vinyl is a DJ, and Octavia is into Classical)

If I do include them, I'll write them like Oscar & Felix from 'The Odd Couple'
(One's a Slob, the other is a Neat Freak.)

That sound good??
Hordaks-Pupil Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That sounds good to me as I like Octavia as well :D
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
another Duo of Friends that I plan to do is Derpy and Carrot Top (also called "Golden Harvest")
as they seem to be fan favorites, and have big potential in terms of Comedy Relief.

For THEM, I plan to write Derpy like Disney's "Goofy"
(on that note, Derpy and Dinky make good parallels to Goofy and Max on 'Goof Troop')

Carrot Top will be Derpy's sole friend.
who really helps her out with things she can't figure out (like explaining the difference between "Push" and "Pull" doors)
and, beats up anybody who calls her "Stupid" or "Retarded" (and, she MUST have that problem.)
Hordaks-Pupil Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I love it Derpy is so cute Muffins for everyone :D
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Yeah, I like her, too.
and, I don't know why so many people make a big fuss about her.

At first, Hasbro tried censoring her.
afraid that Derpy might be "offensive" to people
(by, "At First", I mean: they tried it.
 but, displeasure from fans made them change their minds)

I hardly thought Derpy was an offensive character.
as i've said before, Derpy reminds me of Goofy from disney material.

and, Goofy is a VERY well liked Disney Character.
best known for all those "How to.." Shorts, and Single Parent Subjects with his son Max.

Goofy  and Derpy are practically the same character.

.Both have similar sounding names.

.Both unknowingly make silly mistakes that make us laugh.

.Both are good natured, and really just want to be helpful.

.and, (in fanon, anyway) Both are single parents to a singular child.

IF Derpy is "offensive", then so is Goofy.
yet, he's been around since 1932, and is a main character in the Kingdom Hearts games.

So, i'd say Derpy's chances of a bright future are good.


Hordaks-Pupil Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I agree with you Derpy is a lovable character :D
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Your probably wondering of the Danny Phantom aspect of this story, too, huh??

Well, to keep the story going.
I may have Alex (as a Ghost) contend with Canon DP Villains that makes the most sense to see in a MLP Universe.

My choices include: Nocturne, Vortex, Prince Aragon and Undergrowth.
while Ghostly allies would be Clockwork, Frostbite and Princess Dorathea.
(1 Reply)
AlexCDavi1 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
celestia not celestria.
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, got it.

anything else??
AlexCDavi1 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
No I haven't yet read the rest.
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ah..I see: holding out until the end.

Well, that's understandable.
AlexCDavi1 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
Really nice, I've got the "Renzetti" & "FoP" refernces up there. Neat.
I like how well you captured the different personalities also. Great way to start this, I'm interested.
Also, just pointing this out, it's "Celestia", not "Celestria" .
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
For Pinkie Pie scenes, I may make more references.
as, she IS the type of character who can make gags like that make sense.

I also fixed that one spelling error (which has been pointed out TWICE)

Wouldn't be the first time, though.
I hear SOME people still misspell Luna's name as "Muna"
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
Makes sense. It'll be sweet.

I see. Spelling errors aren't hard to make. In fact for whoever doesn't know english and is italian could write "Selestia", I think.
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I noticed that the Sun Princess name is quite "transformable"

SOME people have misspelled her name on purpose (often to mock her)
like some people on DA calling her "Trollestia" or "Molestia"

If Celestia had a DA Account.
I can't imagine she'd appreciate those names.

(though, Luna might laugh her horn off.)
Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
I totally agree. Probably Luna would get a laugh out of it.
Speaking of princecess, I was wondering if you ever had a favorite princess between the MlP ones.
I personally prefer Celestia over the rest, altho I noticed Luna has a lot of love around fans.
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

That's a pretty tall order, As they all have good qualities.

But, if I had to choose just one..It'd probably be Luna.
because her brief time as 'Nightmare Moon' gives her more character than Celestia.

Celestia is a good character..but, she's a tad Too Perfect.
has absolutely NO Problems in her life at all (unless  you count her sadness over banishing her sister for 1000 years)

Luna's been a villain, her sole reason being lack of appreciation.
and, when she tried to improve her reputation afterwards..she encountered much difficulty.

so much so, that she required help from Twilight
(which is a pretty big deal, as Twilight is just a student and Luna IS a Princess)

Luna can also transform back into Nightmare Moon WITHOUT being evil.
so, I think that's also pretty awesome..

My second favorite is probably Candance.
Twilight's "Foalsitter"/Sister-In-Law (and, Celestia's adoptive niece)

her personal history with Twilight makes her more approachable as a character.
someone whom Twilight can talk to, without feeling Overwhelmed in anyway.


Aqua-the-decepticon Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
Those are pretty good reasons
SpaceWonder368 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Nice work, I'm starting to get interested into this.
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That certainly is a hopeful response, coming from you.

Any favorite bits in this one??
(I can probably guess which one, but I want to hear a confirmation from you.)
SpaceWonder368 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist

I just really love Older Twilight's narration to Alex Jr., and of the whole Alex being named 'Cosmo' and having a sister named Wanda.



Have you seen a couple of posters of "Waypoint?" and, just FYI, Part 2 of that DanielXTimantha story is up.

MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
No, not quite yet.
but, i'll check them when I find the time.
SpaceWonder368 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

"Momma Twilight's" narration to Alex Jr. will be a continuing theme in this story.
as i'd like to remind people that this whole story is being told to Alex Jr. by Twilight.

so, everyone once in awhile, the story will break for a moment
to allow a talk between Twilight and her son (as that is what happens when a parent tells a personal story.)

the FOP joke sorta happened by accident.

I wanted Pinkie to say something Random and Out-Of-Universe (which she does "normally")
and, as Alex surname is "Cosmos"..The joke practically wrote itself
(additional humor is that Pinkie Pie has PINK Poofy Hair, just like Wanda)

Pinkie will make other cultural humor later in the story.
so, don't be surprised if you get the most humor from HER.


SpaceWonder368 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Nice, I'll look forward to it.
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